Wind turbine – how to make

If you want to test how strong is the wind today ask an adult to give you a…


Wax-covered Bottles

You can use both glass and plastic bottles (thicker ones). To cover a single bottle you will need…

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful Hand Fans

Beautiful and easy to make hand fan. You will need: colored sheets of paper scissors paper punch glue…


A table, chairs and an umbrella for playing

  DIY chairs and a table for playing. We have used cardboard cups, drinking straws (for the umbrella),…


Floral Collages

​If you have a flower garden this is perfect for your kids. We have chosen suitable images for print….

DIY Gift Box Bear

DIY Gift Box Bear

How to turn the packaging into a teddy bear – an idea from the kids from kid’s center…


The Plastic Bottle’s New Clothes

It’s so easy to transform a plastic bottle. You need 10 pieces of thread (whatever type you have) in…

DIY Matching Game

  This is our new game. It turned out great fun. Find the matching halves of each circle….


How to make fairy perfume

This is my kids’ favorite game:)   Every summer when the kids go to the countryside and the…


Door Hanger with PYSSLA Beads

Beautiful door hangers made with PYSSLA beads. The huge PYSSLA beads jar from IKEA is used a lot…


A Place Where to Drive and Park Your Cars

It all began with a an IKEA board which I had bought at a discount. I use its…


3 Ideas with Beach Pebbles

  1. Beach Math Gather flat pebbles more or less equal in size. Use a permanent marker and…


CODED LETTER – Let’s Be Detectives

Can you decipher what we wrote? You will need a CODE CIRLE… and you’ll have to know that…


Let’s Make a Bow

Two ideas to make a bow – MINI and MAXI:) For the mini bow you need an ice…


DIY Mosaics

Have a look at these fantastic motley mosaics made by the kids from Fantasy school. The themes of…


Clay Fish

You need a piece of cardboard paper, quick drying clay and a couple of sharp objects (pencil, wooden…


A Hedgehog Cake

Products: 1 and 1/2 box of plain biscuits 200 gr of butter 300 ml of milk 1/2 cup…


DIY Sundial

Let’s make a sundial and the shadow will tell us what the time is during the sunny part…


A City Kite

  This kite is light and easy to make. It differs from the classic kites by the materials…



These clouds (paper and thread) were made by the kids from the Step play center, Sofia. See more…


DIY Guitar

The kids love musical instruments, especially when you can play on them. This is our cardboard guitar, made…


For the Letters

The kids from the Kid’s architecture workshop had the task to create a font using only geometrical figures….


I’m Handy

  Great idea realized by the kids from kids’ center Step, Sofia, taught by Elena Petrova. You need…

sandwiches for kids


For the bread-boats, shown to us by Iva, Dari and Vyara (The Land Beyond the Rainbow) you need:…


Goodies Box from Paper Cups

  Funny and colorful boxes for small sweets and bonbons made of paper cups. It is good for…


An Empty Paper Roll Coloring Cat

This is a very easy way to make a cat for coloring out of an empty toilet paper…


Disco Drinking Straws Frames

Straws, made of colored straws cut into pieces. We have even used the part where the straw bends….

summer colague

Where Would I Like to Wake up Tomorrow?

Let’s dream a little bit in the beginning of the summer holiday! Where would you like to wake…


Buttons and Rain

  Тhe kids from Kid’s House like to sew. The use plastic needles for kids that are easy…

kids craft fish

The Golden Fish And the Three Wishes

It’s both about the and fairy tales:) Have you ever dreamed of that fish:) … To make it…


Bird Stories

These are the naughty birds of Iva, Dari and Vyara (The Land Beyond the Rainbow). You need fast-drying…


Merry Monsters

These are the merry monsters made by the kids from Kid’s House. They used cloth, paper, thread, plastic…


Bulgarian Alphabet Song/ Песничка за азбуката

We are very excited to share our news – a teeny tiny, but very special song – the…


How to Draw Dandelions

You need a blue sheet of paper, white (acrylic or tempera) paint, and cotton buds. Prepare the stems…


Let’s Make a Rocket from Empty Sugar Sticks

This is easy and fun. You just need some straws and a few empty sugar sticks. These rockets…

summer kids crafts

Fish from Interwoven Colored Paper Strips

  To make this fish you need a sheet of paper and several ribbons in different colors. For…


Scarf with print – cats on potatoes

A quick project from Elia (www. ellieafter.com) for the scarf lovers, and even more for the cats lovers….



  And the kids love them, too. The holidays are so close, and this is the time of…


Let’s Draw Fish

Have a look at this easy and funny way to draw fish. Sketch several squiggles on the sheet…